Egypt ASN report

The report shows the list of allocated ASNs in Egypt. Click on a specific ASN to get more insights.

ASN Name
AS24835 Vodafone Data - Egypt
AS328062 Audi Bank - S.A.E.
AS37191 Raya Holding
AS37437 CI Capital Egypt
AS6127 Information and Decision Support Center (IDSC)
AS20928 Noor Advanced Technologies ASN
AS31065 Egyptian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
AS37066 Ministry of Foreign Affairs
AS37069 The Egyptian Company for Mobile Services (Mobinil)
AS20484 Yalla Online Autonomous System
AS25576 AFMIC Autonomous System, Egypt
AS30993 Egypt Centers
AS36935 Vodafone Egypt Telecommunication S.A.E
AS36990 Alkan Telecom Ltd
AS37031 MISR Information Services & Trading
AS30995 Commercial International Bank (Egypt) AS
AS328299 Attijariwafa Bank Egypt S.A.E
AS15475 Nile Online
AS25364 Egypt Cyber Cenyer Network
AS36885 Egyptian MCIT Internet2
AS31619 City Stars - Egypt
AS37003 Xceed Contact Centre
AS328405 Link Datacenter For Data Circulation
AS328484 TBE Egypt for Payment Solutions and Services S.A.E
AS36978 EFG Hermes
AS328308 L'Azurde Company For Jewelry
AS201398 Star Ware for Programming & Internet Services
AS2561 Egyptian Universities Network (EUN)
AS6879 Egyptian National Scientific & Technical Information Network
AS33777 Egypt Network SAE
AS36929 Central Bank of Egypt
AS37585 NSGB
AS37583 Credit Agricole Egypt
AS15804 AS of The Way Out Internet Solutions
AS8524 AUCEGYPT Autonomous System